I find my inspiration outdoors,
surrounded by wildlife and the glory of God's earth.

Nature tells a story,
one filled with beauty and humor, danger and  survival.

My goal is to capture beautiful images that tell a story and convey a message that elicits an emotion. I often spend hours with a flock or colony of birds, observing their behavior and waiting for that special moment that will provide a wonderful photograph.
Below are my most popular images with their story told. If you have any questions about these or other photographs from my portfolio, contact me and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

"Dare To Be Different"

"Dare to Be Different"

The state park had just reopened after the devastating hurricane Michael in October 2018. There were birds everywhere. Terns, willets, laughing gulls and more. Laughing gulls, like the group above are my most popular subjects. Full of personality and living in close knit flocks they mate for life and are comical to watch. This particular trio contained an aberrant gull. One that I had never seen before in my years of photographing this species of shore bird. He was on this day boldly displaying orange knees and feet as well as the tip of his bill. By adjusting the aperture I was able to capture him as he stood in the foreground, his friends slightly blurred in the background. He dared to be different. 

"Stealth Mode"

"Stealth Mode"

Photographed at St Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach this intimidating alligator was in no mood for a photo op. On this day I was thankful for a telephoto lens as I'm pretty sure outrunning this bad boy was not an option.  

"King of the Castle"

"King of the Castle"

What are the odds.

While walking Panama City Beach I noticed a laughing gull posing on top of a sand castle. What made this photo opportunity so extraordinary is when I saw the smiley face below him. Nature photography is about capturing a moment in time, this shot is a personal favorite and pretty much sums up the personality of these shore birds.

"Flying Solo"

Flying Solo

Almost 5 years ago soon after I purchased my first DSLR camera and had begun to take photography seriously, I fell in love with laughing gulls. I actually spent an entire mating season with them, capturing images of them courting - love was in the air. This particular day there was a gull approaching me from a distance down the beach. I was able to shoot him with a 300mm lens flying solo. This will always be a personal favorite.

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