My journey as a photographer began 8 years ago while living in Panama City Beach, Florida. Most of my work involved landscapes, capturing wonderful sunsets on the Gulf of Mexico.

I soon became attracted to and a bit obsessed with the local shore birds I would see as I waited for the setting sun. By  the next year I had purchased a telephoto lens and my focus turned to wildlife photography.

Most of my images are portraits, large "Hey look at me" photos of birds that demand your attention. I like clean lines and images that convey a message and mood. In addition to wildlife I also continue to photograph certain landscapes as well macro (close up) flowers and ladybugs.

My art is photography, a moment captured in time.
More then that it is my way of celebrating the life of my son, Alex, who was killed in a car accident at the young age of 18.

My work, the hours I spend with my subjects, the beauty I find in nature celebrates the beauty that was in him, my most precious gift.

Contact me for information or visit my shop at the Coconut Barrel Artisan Market in St Augustine.

Staci Doucett

"Fire and White Collection"

Untitled photo

"Flying Solo"

"Prince of Darkness"

"Snowy Egret Portrait"

"Reflections in White"

"Macro White Daisy"

"King of the Castle"

"Snowy Egret Portrait"

"Skimmer Portrait"

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